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Become An Ambassador

Interested in becoming a Binance Cash ambassador?


BINANCE CASH community has been a vital part of all our activities, and the BINANCE CASH Ambassador Program will be central to having our dedicated community members serve as brand advocates within their social circles. We are thankful for your interest in becoming more involved with the BINANCE CASH project by driving awareness amongst novice and crypto enthusiasts, developers, business leaders, investors and anyone who likes what they see at BINANCE CASH.



What does it take to become an ambassador?

BINANCE CASH ambassadors come from a variety of backgrounds and professions, ranging from technology and mathematics to finance, business and investments. We champion and value diversity across our ambassador program. We’re looking to amplify our reach in numerous communities, so having a hybrid group of supporters will enable BINANCE CASH message to reach more and more interested groups around the world. BINANCE CASH ambassadors are required to demonstrate satisfactory verbal and business skills to effectively manage communities and events. BINANCE CASH ambassadors share in BINANCE CASH vision and have a strong interest in actively promoting it across their community.




Ambassador tasks!

Do you have what it takes to become a non-fungible ?

Are you a content creator, passionate about blockchain and cryptocurrencies and have a community of followers? Then keep on reading.


  • If you are a social media influencer, publishing a post about BINANCE CASH can earn you a maximum of 500 BNBC tokens.
  • If you organize a meetup about BINANCE CASH, we will reward you with a maximum of 10 BNBC tokens per participant (total maximum of 2500 BNBC)
  • If you are an influential YouTuber/vlogger and will produce video presenting BNBC TOKEN, maximum of 1000 BNBC tokens could be waiting for you.
  • If you are a blogger with your community of readers and will share with them your views on BINANCE CASH, we’ll show our appreciation with a maximum of 500 BNBC tokens.

A total amount of awards that is going to be distributed is a whopping 500,000 BNBC! So do not hesitate and join our ambassador program today. The spots are limited.